We offer hunting in the savannah bushveld of South Africa. The majority of our hunting is done in the Limpopo province, an area known as the hunting capital of South Africa. A truly indigenous locale the Limpopo Province is a panorama of breathtaking scenery from mountains and forests to bush and this means an abundance of large buck. Come and truly experience the intimate wonders of fauna and flora of these regions.

We will introduce hunting in the North West province of South Africa on 58 000 acres of privately owned land. This 5 star hunting lodge offers dangerous game hunting oportunities and a perfect khalahari hunting setting on the border of Botswana. The area will be available in May 2013.

Our newly introduced Botswana concession on 148 000 acres of private land is located in the Central Khalahari area of Botswana. With dangerous game roaming free our plainsgame hunting offers our clients also to expereince and see khalahari lions and leopard on their trip. Hunting with experienced guides and see the "bushmen" trackers in action is a real treat, and a memory to be cherished for a lifetime. 

The hunt is a personal and exhilarating experience so whether you want to hunt with rifle or bow, a variety of birds and antelope will fill your sights. Africa Wild Safaris are PHASA and SCI registered and uphold their vision of conservation through hunting.

Daily rates include the services of a professional hunter, trackers, field preparations and skinning, ground transport, accommodation, laundry and all meals. (Gratuities, air charter and the mounting of trophies are not included.)

If you enjoy the hunt, the silence of the bush and the art of tracking, take a look at what an Africa Wild Safari hunt can yield for you

We offer hunting in the savannah bushveld and khalahari of South Africa as well as Botswana. Our 3 lodges are perfectly set in remote yet accessable areas. Our clients can enjoy true African hunting in a truly indigenous locale with a panorama of breathtaking scenery from mountains and forests to bush and this means an abundance of large buck. Come and truly experience the intimate wonders of fauna and flora of these regions.

Accommodation on our Hunting Safaris is truly African, rustic yet luxurious. Our 3 main lodges are situated in Limpopo, North West province and Botswana. Depending on the experience and game our clients want to take we can select the perfect area and lodge for your every need.

Our accommodation is of a high standard offering our clients comfort and all the ameneties required for a perfect hunting safari. See our Lodges gallery for pictures of our lodges.


• For hunting in the bushveld we prefer rifles with a minimum calibre of .270
• For temporary import permits kindly see: (PDF file on rifles and importation)
• See rifles information on permits in word format attached

• You don’t need to fill out any importation forms for bows as they are declared sporting equipment
• Make sure that you pack all your equipment 
• Should you need any equipment we can get it from the local bow-hunting shop in town

Visitors bringing firearms into South Africa for hunting purposes, will be asked to fill in a SAP 520 – Temporary Import Application which is available from your outfitter, can be downloaded off the SAPS Website at www.saps.gov.za.

Alternatively it can be completed on arrival. We would strongly suggest filling in the form beforehand with the assistance of your hunting outfitter to ensure it is completed correctly and to save the processing time at the Police Office for yourself and the Police.


Take a look at the types of falcons you can hunt with:

Peregrine Falcon
Distribution: Whole world, except high Arctic and Antarctic.

Saker Falcon
Distribution: Central Europe and Asia, wintering in N.Africa, S.Asia
Lanner Falcon
Distribution: South-east Europe, Middle East, Africa

European Kestrel
Distribution: Throughout Europe

American Kestrel
Distribution: North and south America, Canada, Alaska and south to Tierra Del feugo. It also occurs in the West Indies.

Greater or White eyed Kestrel
Distribution: Grassland, steppe and semi desert from Somalia south to South Africa.


At your request our personally recommended, professional taxidermists will make your trophies come alive for you to take home, creating lasting reminders of a dream come true!
We advise the use of South African taxidermists as they are exceptionally good at mounting the species of Africa. They have all the correct moulds and experience to perform a fine job and do so at a reduced rate. Usually, even after crating and shipment, South African taxidermists are 20-30% cheaper, this is especially true for international visitors as the Rand exchange rate to the US Dollar or Euro always works in the hunter's favour . Export permits are not required for finished trophies, except for CITES listed species. Obtaining a CITES export permit is a simple procedure.

Taxidermy can take from 6 months up to a year to complete but it well worth the wait. An added benefit is that our local taxidermists have easy access to additional skins at a nominal fee should your skins be damaged.

Africa Wild Safaris has a long-standing partnership with Taxidermists and they provide a highly professional and excellent service. Don’t be disappointed, use the best!

Note: It would be nice to have a link to a daily weather website that can be on this page but that sits on the homepage given daily temperatures in Joburg/DBN/CT/PTA/Botswana/etc. I have listed the areas you hunt in and the seasonal (permanent temps)

South Africa boasts a wonderful climate with long hot summers and relativity short winters. A microcosm of the world, Southern Africa’s climates vary from Semi-tropical to Savannah lands, dry desert regions and rainy forest lands. Spring starts in August with summer extending from late September to March when autumn begins. Winter in South Africa stretches from May – July.

For more info visit The SA Weather Services:  http://www.weathersa.co.za/web/


• Bush hat / Sun hat
• Camera/video camera
• Binoculars
• Mobile phones with roaming facility
• Sun Block – preferably the highest you can get -30+
• Power adapter- SA standard power is 220 volt
• Plug adapters
• Mosquito repellent or Malaria Medication (dependant on the area, we will inform you)
• Walking boots – please bring ones used before!
• A comfortable pair of walking sandals will also come in handy
• A swimming costume
• Warm hunting jacket
• Long hunting pants(Camouflage if possible),zip off pants or shorts
• Wool socks
• Toiletries

Don’t leave home without

• Personal medication – if its prescription medicine please ask your doctor for a copy or letter to avoid problems at the immigration check points
• Passport
• Rifle licenses, export permits and ammunition
• Credit cards, travellers cheques or cash –we will put it in the safe
• Airline tickets and travel agents contact details
• Travel insurance
• A copy of this confirmation letter and the invitation letter that will be sent to you
• SAPS 520 form for hunting rifles or bows


To learn more about which package suits you best or to book your safari now, take a look at our PRICING page or call now and we will be delighted to advise you.
Click here to contact us.

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